On the Issues

I have a vision that reflects the needs of our community. But it is through conversation and hard work that we can work together to achieve great things. I look forward to hearing your ideas about what we can do to serve the people of the 7th District.


Claymont, the Ardens, and the Suburbs

Each distinct community in our District has distinct needs. Claymont is in the midst of redevelopment and renaissance, focused on the Steel Mill, Train Station, Philadelphia Pike, and Darley Green. The Ardens require protection of their unique culture, civics, and landscape. The suburbs are concerned by a rise in nuisance crime, pressures on property values, and the possibility of over-development that clogs roadways and eliminates open space. However, there are concerns that each communities share. I will work closely with our neighborhoods, businesses, and organizations to represent and advocate for their needs, in the General Assembly and beyond.


Quality education and opportunity is essential. With the Federal passage of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), many of the most burdensome and distracting requirements of the flawed No Child Left Behind Act have been repealed. Now, our schools can focus on the students. I will work hard with educators and other professionals to create a school system that reflects the best of the 7th District. We should champion STEM while allowing every student to better their minds with arts and physicality. Let's decrease our emphasis on standardized testing; allow the implementation of best practices; and strike a new balance, strengthening our community schools while keeping Charters sustainable, accountable, and innovating. Let's continue to address the achievement gap and fight collegiate "under-matching."

Development, Jobs, and Small Business

As your State Representative, I will work closely with all stakeholders to encourage investment and make connections between levels of government and the business community. In the coming years, large and small investments and developments will be made in our community. I will work to make all investments intelligent, equitable, and sustainable, while ensuring that these changes truly serve our District and keep it a great place to live and work. Along with larger investments, I will also encourage smaller-scale investments, including supporting our small business community, which reveal the real pulse of our District.

Public Health

Public health, including mental health, are priorities for our District. Each is intertwined with success and economic development, not to mention happiness. The General Assembly should reinstate public health funds cut in the budget during the previous legislative session.

State Budget

The annual State budget is a complex mixture of finance and policy with far-reaching consequences for our District, State, and neighboring region. My expertise in finance, and economically empowering Delawareans, enables me to understand the meaning, origins, and implications of our budget. With my in-depth understanding, I am especially equipped and will effectively advocate on behalf of our District and families. Even though money is tight, with the right decisions, we can have more positive impacts.

Social Justice

My life's work illustrates my commitment to lifting others up and ensuring a place for everyone. There have been incredible leaps in Delaware towards combating injustice in its many forms, and I will work hard to continue this work. This means taking a hard look at fairness in our criminal justice system, our education system, and our overarching economic system. It's a tall order, but as the people of the 7th know, standing on the sidelines is not an option.


Our District is a beautiful part of our region's rich natural resources. Across Claymont and Brandywine, we have heritage in farming, shipping, and industry. These legacies have left their mark on our land and people, for better and worse. As our State Representative, I will be a steward of the land we live on, the air we breath, and the water we drink. This entails working with developers and industry to prevent damage; safe-guarding the Coastal Zone Act; reducing poisonous emissions; educating our neighbors about their own impacts; and even ensuring the enforcement of good laws that are already on the books.